Saturday, September 5, 2015

Six signs that you two are made for each other! MUST READ!

Have you been  thinking if your partner is really made for you? Have you ever thought of something like "Hey, did God made you for me?" Well, if you are, then you better read this till the end!

Here are six signs if you and your partner are made for each other! 

1. You feel safe and secure in your relationship. There will be mo doubts in your relationship and you'll be a hundred and one percent happy.

2. Your personalities complement each  other. Despite your differences, you still manage to complement each other because those differences of yours are the ones keeping you together.

3. There is a mutual physical attraction. The person who boost your self-esteem and also offers you external pleasure is indeed a keeper.

4. You'll tell each other anything and everything. This would be a piece of cake. Both of you will talk about anything and everything without feeling uncomfortable!

5. You respect each other's individuality. You wouldn't have any plans on changing the way he thinks, act and dress. Simply love his flaws.

6. You communicate well. When it comes to conversations, you don't run out of interesting things to talk about! Pauses and awkward silences will never occur! 

Source: Cosmo