Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Pregnant woman was tied up and beaten up by the residents in China! This is so shocking!

You've probably seen a lot of videos wherein the mob are beating up someone whom they claim to be a thief, but then this video you're about to watch is probably the most disturbing! 

This video is now making rounds in different social media. In the video, you can clearly see how the people slapped, kicked and knocked down this woman whose hands are tied behind her back to a telephone pole. 

The woman was identified as Ms. Lu and she's pregnant. People knocked her down unconscious because of the thought that she's a thief. The 28-year-old woman was claimed to be the one who entered someone's home and tried stealing 900 Yuan cash.

And when the citizens saw her again, they thought that she'd be stealing something from them that's why they tied her up and start slapping and kicking her.

When the residents found out that she's pregnant, they let them go without calling the police after she returned the cash. 

The authorities then claim that from that day, they'll be monitoring the movements of this woman. 

However, the man who beat up this pregnant woman surrendered himself to the police and was given an 8-day detention and fined 300 Yuan.