Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photos of Maine Mendoza's Alleged Ex-Boyfriend goes viral online!

Ever since the AlDub love team became popular because of their unexpected team up in Eat Bulaga, the supporters and at the same time their haters are eager to fish out information from their personal lives.

And now, issues about Maine Mendoza's ex boyfriend is making rounds online! 

Photo Credit: FashionPulis

The reports claim that her ex-boyfriend named Miggy became her boyfriend when she's only 15 and in High school. And as expected, they broke up because they still can't handle the situation.

Photo Credit: FashionPulis

However, as soon as this issue came out and went viral, the netizens reacted as if they really know the life story of Maine Mendoza, while others compared this guy to Alden Richards! 

Source: BoyViral