Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pastillas girl's mother reacts about the 'Bugaw' issue! Check this out!

Earlier this day, the famous Pastillas girl or Angelica Jane Yap was given a chance to have a heart to heart talk with her mother on It's Showtime. 

Pastillas Girl claims that she easily falls for people who cares for her because no one did that for her since her mom was away. 

In this episode, Pastillas Girl's mother named Teresa Hernandez said that she felt guilty for making her daughter feel that no one's there for her. She asked for forgiveness for what she did. 

However, she claims that the hostile words coming from her daughter's bashers are truly hurtful. What hurt her even more is the bugaw issue.

Because of this, Vice Ganda asked the mother of Pastillas girl if they wanted to stop her daughter from doing the said segment, but then she said that the decision is up to her daughter.

In the end, Pastillas girl decided to stay in the show and claimed that It's Showtime really helped her a lot.

Source: Abs-cbn
"Hindi ko binubugaw ang Anak ko."
"Hindi ko binubugaw ang Anak ko." Emosyonal na sinabi ito ng ina ni Pastillas Girl
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Tuesday, September 29, 2015