Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mother-in-law starves daughter-in-law to death! This is unbelievable!

We all know for a fact that the rivalry between the wife and the mother-in-law is always on point. There's another news that just proves what I'm saying!

This 25-year-old woman in China passed away due to extreme malnutrition.  It turns out that the mother-in-law of this woman starves her to death for the whole month.

The mother-in-law claims that they don't have enough money to assist her for food expenses that's why she passed away.

The woman thought that everything would be perfect when she finally marries the man she loves. But after they got married, her husband starts cheating on her.

Because of fighting with her husband about that matter, the mother-in-law decided to starve her to death.

Source: Tomo News