Monday, September 7, 2015

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte shockingly announced that he's not running for president.

A lot of people were very much disappointed and at the same time sad after the Davao City Mayor, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced to public that he will not be part of the presidential elections.

"After consulting my family and everybody else connected to my life, I would like to categorically state now and also for the agony of those waiting for those who believe in me: hindi ako tatakbo pagkapresidente," Mayor Duterte said.

He claimed that he have concluded that the year 2016 will be the year for him to retire and quit politics. He wanted to retire from public life for good.

He was teary-eyed as he was announcing this news to everyone. After he apologized to his supporters for such disappointment, he hurriedly left the hotel and didn't entertain follow up questions  from the press.

Source: Rappler