Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lea Salonga's tweet about 'Kababawan' sparks outrage from the netizens!

A lot of people are using different social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to express their selves and to say what they want. However, because of the wide internet world, a lot of people will judge you for what you simply say.

The singer artist, Lea Salonga caught the attention of the netizens after she posted a tweet that talks about the shallowness. 

Her tweet immediately resulted to a debate wherein people accused her of judging the AlDub love team

Lea Salonga then claimed that her tweet was purely coincidence and that she didn't even know what's happening to Aldub yesterday.

She also asked the netizens to stop the hatred and the negative assumptions and simply send her the links so that everything will end.

Source: Chisms