Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kathryn Bernardo reads mean comments from the bashers. MUST WATCH!

We can't deny the fact that Kathryn Bernardo is indeed one of the most admired teen actress of her generation, she has accomplished a lot of successful projects. And now that she's already famous, she can't avoid having haters and bashers.

In the YouTube channel of Preview Mag, there's a posted video that's already making rounds in different social media sites.

The video is entitled 'Kathryn Bernardo Reads Mean Comments'. Yes, as an artist, Kathryn Bernardo decided to read mean comments from her bashers. 

The bashers noticed everything about her. They claim that this teen actress has the most 'pabebe laugh'. There's also a basher who asks other netizens to stop Kathryn Bernardo from ruining their eardrums.

Despite being bashed and hated by her bashers, Kathryn still smiled.

Source: Preview Mag