Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Intriguing photos of Alden Richards along with another man. Real or edit?

Everyone still can't get over with the sudden boost of fame of the AlDub love team consisting of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Because of the sudden fame, the netizens and the fans of AlDub are trying their best to fish out information from their personal lives. 

But just as how much the fans wanted to fish out interesting information about their personal lives, the haters and bashers are also eager to fish out information that could ruin the artists career. 

Photos of Alden Richards are now circulating online. The photos show Alden Richards along with a guy. The one who posted these photos claim that before Alden became an artist, he was just an ordinary man who joins male pageants. 

The Facebook page "Bobonic Kapuso Collections" also claim that Alden has a male lover. Yes, the one who posted these photos claim that Alden Richards is in a relationship with another male which allows him to win from different pageants. 

But as these photos were posted online, the fans of Alden also posted their opinions. They claim that past is past and the only important thing is the present. And also, other fans claim that the photos are edited.