Thursday, September 3, 2015

This dog walks four miles a day to bring home a plastic bag. What's in it is truly heart melting!

We've seen a lot of heartwarming stories of dogs, but this story you're about to read is indeed the most beautiful story you'll ever read. 

This dog from Sao Carlos, Brazil named Lili is a special dog that lives in the junkyard with Nelie Vania Antonio. 

Ever since Lilica gave birth to her puppies, she had a daily routine of looking foods for her puppies. 

One night, she decided to walk in a busy highway. She was constantly sniffing garbages to find food for her family. But not until she met Lucia Helena de Souza. She claims that she has a heart for the stray animals. 

Lucia and Lilica had this routine of meeting each other at 9:30 in the evening wherein Lucia will give food to Lilica which she can bring home for her family! 

Lilica then walks four miles just to bring home the food that's wrapped in a plastic bag.