Thursday, September 3, 2015

This couple unbelievably pulls off random pranks and then this happens..

A lot of people are being extremely engaged in pulling off random pranks. I'm a hundred percent sure that you've already watched several pranks, but I assure you that this prank is indeed the best! 

This video simply shows a couple who lives together in a single apartment. but they are not the couple that's like the other couples who are always sweet with each other. 

This couple is pulling off random pranks at each  other that nearly destroys their home. What's even more incredible in this footage is the fact that  none of them feels angry every time a prank's being pulled off to them.

The best part is the ending when the girl thought that her boyfriend is about to propose to her. She was quite surprised but then instead of a ring, the box contains a cockroach! 

The netizens claim that this couple rocks and  are indeed adorable to watch! 

Source: StarPro