Sunday, September 27, 2015

'Boy Landi vs. Pastillas girl' goes viral online! MUST WATCH!

We all know for a fact that Angelica Jane Yap or more popularly known as Pastillas girl, is already making her name in the showbiz industry.

However, some people don't seem to like what they're seeing. 

Are you familiar with the famous 'Boy Landi'? He's the man behind the viral videos online that indeed entertained us! 

In this video, Boy Landi claims that he only made this video for fun and he didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings.

In this video, Boy landi contradicts everything that Pastillas girl is saying on her video. 

A lot of people were indeed entertained with what they watched and claimed that some of Boy Landi's words really made sense.

Source: AJ Manansala

Ang LUPET nito GRABE! Haha dami kong tawa! Iba talaga bumanat si Boss!"BOY LANDE vs PASTILLAS"
Posted by Mj Manansala on Tuesday, September 22, 2015