Friday, September 4, 2015

Beautiful French woman uses social media to look for the father of her 'one night-stand' child! MUST WATCH!

These days, people tend to be more careless when it comes to living their lives.

This is a viral video of a 26-year-old Parisian woman named Natalie Amoyt who filmed herself and even uploaded it on YouTube.

In the video, she claims that she had the most wonderful night with the man she just met that night. She claims that she lost her phone that's why she doesn't know how she will be contacting the man she had a "One night-stand" with.

And now, she's asking the netizens to keep on sharing this video until she found the man after she found out that she's already pregnant.

A lot of people really helped her search for the man. But then the netizens claim that they just wasted their time, helping her because everything she did was fake.

They claim this video to be fake and that they just did this as part of a marketing campaign.

Source: Natalie Amyot