Monday, September 7, 2015

Audience Member Grabbed Alex Castro' Manhood During Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash!

Alex Castro is a known actor, singer and performer who recently transferred to ABS-CBN.

A very unfortunate incident happened to him as he was walking down the runway of the '2015 Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash'. 

As Alex was approaching the people at the side of the stage to hold their hands, one of the audiences groped his manhood which made Alex do a ninja move to turn his back on the insane audience. 

Despite having a bad incident, Alex still claims that he had fun during the event. Meanwhile, for the lucky viewer he left a message on his Instagram Account saying, "Salamat sa #cosmopolitan at sa lahat na nanood. Dun sa nanghawak bonus na sayo yan! Wag ka na maghuhugas ng kamay. #cosmopolitancarnival2015"

Source: Randomphotos