Friday, September 11, 2015

Anne Curtis finally spoke about the success of the AlDub love team!

We all know for a fact that there is really a toughh competition between Abs-cbn's noontime show "It's Showtime" and GMA network's "Eat Bulaga".

Because of this competition, one of the Showtime hosts, Anne Curtis Smith finally breaks the ice and spoke about this tough competition.

The Showtime host claims that the newest love team called AlDub is great. She thinks that their chemistry is indeed great.

She even claimed that the competition between artists and networks can't be avoided that's why the only thing she's asking the netizens is to lessen the bashing.

“I mean, of course, there is a war now between the fans and everything. But I think everyone just needs to take a chill pill."

She even added that people can tune into what they want to tune in.

Source: GMA Network, PEP