Wednesday, September 2, 2015

4-year-old girl sexually harassed by her playmates! This is indeed alarming!

There had been a lot of disturbing and alarming rape cases, but this is by far that most alarming! Take note that the suspects involved are too young! 

As a four-year-old kid, all you'll ever want to do is to play with your friends. But this girl wasn't expecting that her playmates will do such thing on her! 

This 4-year-old girl was sexually harassed by her friends aged 8, 9 and 10.  She claimed that they were just playing at home when her friends suddenly brought her to the dark part of Mauban Quezon. 

The father of the victim said that it was her daughter who told him about what happened. The young suspects admitted the crime that they've committed. 

One of the suspects also claim that the original plan was just to play with her but then the eldest playmate suddenly told them to tie the four-year-old girl and harass her.

The father of the victim said that the crime happened while he was at work and his daughter was left alone. 

The four-year-old girl will now undergo some treatments to have a good recovery from what happened!