Saturday, September 26, 2015

20-year-old Gigantic Cyst gets removed! This video is truly revolting!

We've seen a lot of gross videos online, but I assure you that this video you're about to watch is probably the most disgusting! 

This woman keeps on clipping her hair on the right side of her head to hide her 20-year-old cyst. The cyst had already grown into the size of an egg. 

Since her cyst keeps on growing, she decided to seek for a medical treatment and hopefully, to remove her gigantic cyst.

Desiree then decided to appear on the medical TV show called 'The Doctors'. Dr. Sandra Lee, who is a skin physician and a surgeon in California claims that she's lucky because the cyst did not put her in danger. 

As they remove the cyst, everyone can't help but to over their mouth in shock and disgust!