Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yaya Dub's hidden talent in playing the drums! Amazing !

Yaya Dub proves to the world that she is not only a girl with pretty face and sense of humor. She also has an interesting talent.

Maine Mendoza uploaded a video of her hidden talent. Yaya Dub can play the drums. In the video, she was creating a drum cover of the song 'In My Place'. It was a song of the band Coldplay.

The people are continuously shocked by the mesmerizing talents that this woman could offer to the world. Aside from the fact that she has a great voice, she also knows how to play an instrument.

Maine Mendoza became famous when she claimed the social media sites with her stunning Dubsmash videos. After that, she became a part of the noontime show, Eat Bulaga. She got paired up with Alden Richards and since then, they had been dominating the trending topics in the Philippines.

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