Thursday, August 27, 2015

This woman's lip is swollen. What the doctors pulled out? Totally unbelievable!

Are you familiar with the condition called Oral Myiasis? Well, if not, it is a condition wherein the human tissues feeds off the fly larvae that occurs in the oral cavity.

In this video, a woman went to see a doctor, for her swollen lip to be checked. She claims that her lip isn't in its normal size that's why she wanted it to be checked. 

It turns out her lips are swollen because of the larvae stuck in it. The doctors were able to pull the one-inch maggot

The doctors even claim that they needed to move the tweezers in a circular manner to get the larvae out. It turns out that the woman was suffering from Oral Myiasis. The treatment was obviously painful, but still, she remained calm for everything to be successful

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