Monday, August 24, 2015

Vice Ganda surprised this taxi driver! Find out what he did!

Everyone has their own ways of making other people happy. Well then, it seems that the unkabogable star Vice Ganda is doing everything he can to make other people happy! 

The comedian started his own YouTube series entitled Vice Ganda On The Road. In the first episode, Vice Ganda rode a taxi together with his friends MC and Lassy. On their trip to Timog, they were able to meet the kindhearted taxi driver named Tatay Edmond. 

Through their trip, they were able to know what kind of life do Tatay Edmond lives. They were able to find out that Tatay Edmond struggles every day to survive and to support the needs of his family. 

When they reached their destination, they asked their bill and it only costed them 120 Pesos, but then Vice Ganda suddenly asked how much is the boundary of Tatay Edmond. 

After that, Vice Ganda gave him a total of three thousand pesos which he claims that he will pay for the two-day boundary of Tatay Edmond! 

Source: Vice Ganda

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