Wednesday, August 5, 2015

One of a kind 'Twerk it like Miley' showdown of Ella Cruz and Yaya Dub!

Recently, people were really into watching the dance videos of the teen actress Ella Cruz. 

Everyone was really entertained with the mouth-watering and jaw-dropping version of Ella Cruz's 'Twerk it Like Miley'. 

The hotness in her is really undeniable, some netizens even claim that she's the little version of Maja Salvador when it comes to dancing

Meanwhile, there's another personality who entertained everyone with her dance cover of 'Twerk it Like Miley'. She is popularly known as Yaya Dub. Unlike other people's dance cover, Yaya Dub's version of 'Twerk it Like Miley' doesn't show how good she twerks, rather shows her goofy side! 

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