Thursday, August 6, 2015

This man stood up for all the OFWs being judged by other people. MUST WATCH!

A lot of people claim that you have no right to judge someone if you haven't walked a mile in his shoes. 

Lately, some netizens had been judging Filipinos who work abroad or the so-called OFWs. Some of them even claim that OFWs are just spending their salaries for unnecessary things. 

But then, there's this man that stood up for all the OFWs who are begin judged. He narrated all their sacrifices as OFWs

He stated how hard it was to work abroad, alone because your family is in the Philippines. Whenever OFWs got sick, no one's there to take care of them. 

This video will serve as an eye opener to each and everyone out there who keep on judging OFWs over and over again.

Source: Makagago

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