Monday, August 3, 2015

This man allegedly raped a girl. What the vigilantes did to his manhood? Disgusting!

We all know for a fact that people who committed crimes should be facing the punishment with accordance with the law, but everything seems different in this case. 

Suresh Kumar allegedly attempted to force himself inside a girl in India. As he was attempting to rape this girl, passers-by saw the incident and immediately sought for help.

Just like mushrooms, these angry vigilantes suddenly sprung up and started beating this man. Kumar was then brought to a butcher shop where they cut off his penis and threw it on the road.

He was then dragged into the street and left almost lifeless. The authorities came to the rescue and told the vigilantes that even though Kumar committed a crime, they shouldn't have done this to him and just allowed the law to punish them.

Kumar survived the incident after being rushed to the hospital and after receiving several treatments for his injuries.

Source: Wereblog

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