Saturday, August 29, 2015

This homeless man keeps on sleeping in front of his store. How he reacted after finding out the truth? Too painful!

These days, we often judge homeless people as the bad guys. We often see them as people who will do nothing but hurt us. But then, it turns out that all along, we are wrong! 

This is a story of a man who kept on hurting a homeless who sleeps in front of his store every day. He keeps on cursing at him and even tells him to stay away from his store! 

But then one day, he was surprised after he saw that there was no one who's sleeping in front of his store! The woman beside his store claims that the homeless won't ever come back and will be gone forever.

He then decided to watch the footages caught on his CCTV cam. He was surprised to see that the homeless man stays in front of his store day and night to protect it from the bad guys.

But what really broke his heart is when he saw that the bad guys who tried to rob his store stabbed the homeless to death. The homeless risked his own life just to protect the store of the man who continuously curse at him! 

Source: Vizertech

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