Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This girl threw unbelievable tantrums in the streets after her BF dumped her!

Breakups are the reason why we lock ourselves on our room and start crying our hearts out. But then, this woman has some insane routine after her long time partner broke up with her.

This 24-year-old woman caught the attention of the passerby and the authorities after she threw an insane tantrum in the middle of a busy street.

The authorities claim that this woman threw unbelievable tantrums in Hong Kong because her boyfriend for several years broke up with her through a text message.

She threw herself to the floor, started crying, screaming, shouting and what's even worse? She's like a three-year-old kid that rolls on the ground because her mother didn't bought what she wants!

The authorities were alarmed by the situation that's why they were forced to strap her in a stretcher

Source : D yr, WereBlog

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