Sunday, August 16, 2015

She's known as the world's ugliest woman. Now? She is an inspiration to everybody!

These days, we often judge people through their physical appearance. What we do not know is that the people we often judge can be the world's inspiration!

Meet the 26-year-old woman who's been tagged as 'The World's Ugliest Woman."

She is Lizzie Velasquez, she's only 17 when her video went viral online, which immediately caught the attention of the netizens, which resulted to cyber bullying! 

She's born with two rare conditions called 'Marfan Syndrome' and 'Lipodystrophy' which causes her not to gain weight no matter what she eats and drinks! 

She claims that she's really hurt upon reading the comments. But after everything, she defied all odds because she's now a motivational speaker! 

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