Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reasons why working in a call center is a career suicide!

These days, people claim that the best job you should apply for is being a Call center agent. What they don't know is that applying for this job is like risking our lives.

Growing up, we always say that we want to be professionals, like doctors, engineers and architects. But we never mentioned being a call center agent.

Experts claim that being a call center agent is not a choice, rather a place where you will go when you are running out of choices.

Here are 12 reasons why working as a call center agent  is extremely stressful.

1. Its requirements aren't complicated for as long as you know how to speak English and you can use computers, then you're hired! But your parents didn't spend hundreds of thousands for your degree just for you to be scolded by customers.

2. Overwhelming job demands. In this job, everything you do needs to be permitted, even if you'll only be using the restroom.

3. Insufficient social support. This isn't the typical job where you can chit chat with your office mates.

4. Excessive monitoring. All you're doing is being monitored, in short, your option is very limited.

5. Monotonous tasks. You will be doing the same job for a couple of years, which limits your mental simulation and creativity which leads to frustrations.

6. Feeling undervalued. Employees can lose their job any time for whatever reason it is regardless of their length of service.

7. Lack of status associated with the position. Most agents often state that the society don't appreciate their skills, this can lead to social isolation!

8. Lack of pride associated with the position. Majority of agents consider their job as temporary.

9. Difficult working hours. People who work as agents often claim that they are losing time for their family which results to mental stress.

10. Angry customers with high expectations. This is probably the most common, where customers aren't satisfied with your skills.

11. Almost zero job security. In this job, you can be fired anytime despite the fact that you've worked for them for a couple of years.

12. No opportunities for advancements. As teachers, you can be a school principal someday. But for agents? There's nothing good awaits you in the future!

Let this be an eye-opener to each and every call center agent out there to try looking for a job where you won't be forced to lose time for your family!

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