Friday, August 21, 2015

Random inspection of the Balikbayan boxes sparks outrage from the OFWs and the netizens

We all know for a fact that there are lots of Filipinos who are sacrificing everything just to provide the needs of their family! 

OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers are working hard and not even resting just to earn enough money to be sent for their families. 

But then the OFWs are now getting their heart broken after they found out that the Bureau of Customs did a random inspection in the balikbayan boxes that were sent by the OFWs to their families in the Philippines.

According to the reports, they did this random inspection to find out if the OFWs are paying the right tax.

But then, because of this random inspection, a lot of OFWs and their families were disappointed. 

OFWs claimed that they worked so hard just to fill up the box. They invested their time, money, effort and even their hearts just to give what their families need. 

They claim that they invested everything and waited for a couple of months just to fill this up, then it will just end up being opened because of a random inspection! 

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