Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pinay entrepreneur who makes P5M a month from making peanut butter! Inspiring!

There had been a lot of risk takers who are now millionaires because of their business.

This Filipina entrepreneur is now making millions of pesos inn a month because of her simple food business. 

Meet Delia Santos, a Filipina born and raised in Leyte. She can still recall how poor they were back then, they can't even afford to buy medicines as treatments for her sick child. 

Delia Santos claims that her business started in a single pack of candy, she thought that it was too much and she can't consume it, so she decided to sell it. 

From selling candies, she was able to have her own retail and wholesale business.

And then there's this opportunity that knocked on her door. A loyal customer of Delia said that their peanut-butter making business is going bankrupt. She then takes over the business, wherein she started with just 2 small grinding machines and 5 sacks of peanuts

She then began dropping samples of her peanut butter to stores.

Her business was booming! From 2 small grinding machines, she now has a factory of peanut butter. 

She claims that her monthly income is about 5 million pesos. 

Source: Abs-cbn News

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