Friday, August 28, 2015

Pinay Boxer expressed her dismay after Customs declared she had to pay for her championship belt!

The BoC received lots of hatred and negative feed backs after the news about the random inspection of Balikbayan boxes were revealed! A lot of OFWs and even the netizens were furious about this issue. And now, another issue is being thrown to the Bureau of Customs.

This Filipina boxer named Jujeath Nagowa expressed her disappointment through her Facebook account after the Bureau of Customs told her that she has to pay an almost six thousand pesos for her to be able to claim her championship belt.

The 27-year-old ONE FC fighter who won the international light flyweight title of the WIBA or Women's International Boxing Association claims that she was really hurt after she found out about the news.

"I gambled my life for a lifetime treasure that others may take over my throne, but can’t take this crown," she said.

She claims that she fought and agonized for a total of 10 rounds just to claim the belt only to find out that she has to pay for it! 

Source: GMA Network

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