Saturday, August 8, 2015

An OFW returns home to take care of his ailing mother. How the mother reacted left him crying!

There had been a lot of tributes to OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) that really made lots of people cry.

In this video, an OFW was forced to quit his job and come back to the Philippines to take care of his ailing mother. 

He was very excited to see his mother again after 11 years, but when he stepped in their house, he was in complete shock. His mother couldn't recognize him anymore because of her Alzheimer's disease. 

He did everything to bring back her memories! He kept showing her their photo albums but it didn't work.

But when grabbed his guitar and started playing the song that his mother used to sing for him, that's when his mother finally recognized him again.

He then pulled his mother to claim the hug that he's been longing for! 

Source: Green Mango

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