Tuesday, August 4, 2015

OFW physically abused by employers, seeks help through Facebook!

For the past months, OFWs who are being mistreated by their employers have been using the internet to seek help from the netizens and hopefully to catch the attention of the Philippine government. 

Here's another footage of an OFW who's being abused by her employers. 

She is Jae Ann Harayo Ferolin, an OFW who filmed herself crying while narrating everything that her employers did to her. 

She even showed some scratches on her back which she claims that those were her proof that her employers were really physically abusing her. She also stated that her employer kept on slapping her and pulling her hair, and now, she was locked in a room. 

Jae Ann claims that she has been working for them for only a month and her employer's not giving her salary. She doesn't know the exact address of their home but still, she tried to seek help through the internet! 

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