Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Most polite robbery ever caught on CCTV! This is unbelievable!

There had been a lot of videos online showing how rude robbers are. Some who are involved in a robbery even hurts the people they're robbing. But this video you're about to see is probably the weirdest robbery scene you'll ever see. 

In this footage, a man entered a store and get the things he'll buy. He then brought it to the counter and paid for it. After paying it, the man puts out a gun. It turns out that he's a robber.

Aside from robbing the store and asking for the cashier to give him money in a polite way, he also consistently apologizing to the cashier and claims that he didn't know he'll end up in that situation.

According to this robber, he needs money for his kids and to pay for bills, maybe electricity bills or gas bills. 

What's even more amazing is that he left the store in peace and did not even harmed the employee.

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