Thursday, August 20, 2015

This man unbelievable multiplies the wine bottles! MUST WATCH!

As a grown up, you've probably seen a lot of magic tricks in your existence! But this is by far the most incredible trick you'll ever see! 

In this video, a man named Mat Franco, 27 years old, impressed everyone with such performance he did in the America's Got Talent! 

He started his performance with just a single bottle of wine and a wine glass on the table which he claims to be part of the celebration of AGT's 10th year.

But as moments pass by and as he removes the cardboards, the wines starts to multiply! I don't know how he does that but I think that it is indeed awesome! He started with just a single bottle of wine and ended with nine bottles of wine! 

His performance impressed everyone and even gained a standing ovation from the judges! 

Source: Funny Zones

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