Saturday, August 8, 2015

This man proposed to two women at the same time! The reason will left you in tears !

There had been a lot of viral videos of proposal in the internet, but I must say that this is probably the best proposal you'll ever watch! 

Being a single parent is hard, you'll have to raise your child alone. And also, it is hard to find someone who'll accept you and at the same time, your child.

In this video, Derrick, the boyfriend of Jackie wanted to propose to her. So, he went on a Gondola ride with Jackie and her daughter, Gianna

As they pass through a bridge, Jackie saw their friends and relatives and a banner which says "Will you marry me?".

And with that, Derrick then proposed, but not to Jackie first. Derrick went near Gianna and gave her a necklace. Then went to Jackie to ask her to be his wife

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