Sunday, August 23, 2015

Man caught his Girlfriend with another man in bed. What he did next? Unbelievable!

A lot of people are being hooked up in pulling off various pranks. However, others were just pulling off pranks just to get even with their partners. 

In this video, a girl claims that she wanted to get even with her boyfriend who often does prank on her. So, as part of her preparation, she bought a fake man's head and some men's clothes. 

She hung the man's coat behind their door and even sprayed some manly perfume. To make it more realistic, she scatters some man's clothes and some of her clothes on the floor and placed the man's fake head beside her. 

When the guy was finally home, he was shocked to see a man's shoes in the room and was even more surprised to see the man's clothes. And when he finally saw the head of the man he was so mad. Until he realized that everything was just a prank! 

I was somehow impressed with this guy's reaction because it simply showed how much he loves her! 

Source: PrankvsPrank

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