Friday, August 14, 2015

Luckiest girl in town, surprised by her boyfriend on 17th birthday!

It is undeniable that girls really love surprises. The best way to make your girl happy is to surprise her from the tiniest thing to the largest thing! 

This girl named Faith Valentos, an ordinary student taking up classes at University of Santo Tomas, is now considered as the luckiest girl in town after her Facebook post went viral online. 

On August 10, she celebrated her 17th birthday, but she never expected to celebrate it this way. 

Her boyfriend Kirk Patrick Yao planned everything. He put balloons, hanging photos, huge teddy bear, chocolate cakes, letters and of course flowers in the room of Faith as his birthday surprise for her.

Netizens claim that they really envy this girl for having the sweetest boyfriend! 

Source: Faith Valentos

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