Thursday, August 6, 2015

Live-in partner of the late 'Masculados Dos' member marries him on his funeral!

Everyone was really shocked with the unsolved death of the late Masculados Dos member Ozu Ong. Their friends and relatives were mourning, including his longtime live-in partner Vasia San Luis. 

Meanwhile, Vasia San Luis proved her eternal love for Ozu Ong by deciding to marry Ozu Ong on his funeral.

Vasia even pleaded everyone that she wanted their sacred ceremony to be more private and she doesn't want anyone to take photos or footage. She was left teary-eyed after the matrimony. 

Vasia claims that she will love Ozu Ong forever, she even asked Ozu to wait for her there and to never leave her side. 

According to the family of Vasia, she married him on his funeral to fulfill their plans on getting married this December 2015. 

They are now waiting for the statements of Vasia, especially that she already claimed that she somehow have hints about the possible motives of the criminals.

Source: Abs-cbn News

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