Saturday, August 29, 2015

Husband brutally hit his wife in the parking lot until these heroes came!

This world is indeed filled with violent people who knows nothing but to hurt people who they think are weaker than them. The  good thing is that there are still a lot of people who are willing to interfere. 

In this video, a man was seen hitting his wife with a blunt object at the parking lot.

At first, these guys were just observing everything. But then it seems that the woman really needs to be saved because of continuously asking for someone to call the cops and help her.

These guys then came near the couple to check what's happening. They claim that the couple was having a fight and the man kept on hitting his wife. They then saw the woman in the truck with lots of bloods and wounds on her legs.

The man even tried to escape, but these heroes were able to stop him.

But when the woman asked for these guys' help to get out of the truck, her husband took the opportunity to escape.

Source: Elite Readers

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