Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Huge lump of ear wax extracted from this man's ear! Disgusting!

We all know for a fact that we should maintain our cleanliness, especially in our body. We should know the proper hygiene, but it seems that there are lots of people who somehow forgets what hygienic means! 

It is normal to have tiny ear wax in our ears, but an earwax that's almost comparable to a chicken nuggets is way too much! 

In this video you can clearly see a man's ear that's undergoing a removal process of ear wax. The process of getting the lump of earwax is truly hard because the ear wax is soft and it's tearing apart whenever they try to pull it out using tweezers. 

But then the whole process was successful! They were able to remove the large lump of ear wax from this man's ear and people claim that this is indeed disgusting! 

Source: Kyle Davis