Sunday, August 16, 2015

He wanted a divorce. What his wife did is truly incredible!

A lot of people think that whenever their relationship is currently on the rocks, they immediately think of ending their relationship. They will be wasting everything just to end their relationship! 

But is divorce really the solution? 

In this video, a man asked for the help on an attorney for him to be able to file a divorce to his wife! He claims that they've been struggling a lot that's why he already want a divorce! 

Faye immediately agreed to what he want but in one condition. She asked him that even once in a month, they'll see each other and he will hug her. often meets with her husband to hold and hug her. 

That's part of Faye's strategy, she wanted to bring back all their happy memories. She brought him to different places, the first place where they first exchanged I love you's, where they first kissed and where he proposed.

When she's finally over him and had already made her decision, for the last time, they met and she then handed him the divorce papers! 

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