Sunday, August 23, 2015

These guys tried to rob a woman with incredible MMA skills. The result? Unimaginable!

Most robbers often target those girls who walk alone or drive alone. But this video you're about to watch  will tell you to never underestimate women! 

These two guys in a motorcycle tried robbing a woman in her own garage. As soon as the girl hopped off the car, one of the robbers quickly snatched the handbag but the girl didn't let go. 

It seems that the robber won't let go of the handbag either, that's why this girl tried to teach him some lessons! These guys tried to mess around with a girl that has incredible MMA skills! 

She then beat up the guy who tried to take her handbag, until the other guy came. She then moved away from them. 

Netizens then claim that the guy will surely need medical treatments from what the girl did! And also, this will serve as a lesson to everyone to never mess around with girls! 

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