Monday, August 24, 2015

This girl committed suicide with the strangest reason! Unbelievable!

People often commit suicide because of severe depression and loneliness, but this girl has the  strangest and most unimaginable reason to commit suicide!

She claims that her boyfriend was able to pull off pranks on her, because of that, she wanted to get even.So, she thought of this clever idea. 

With the help from a friend, she spilled some fake blood onto her arms and pretended that she  committed suicide. To make everything look realistic, she even spilled some blood on the floor and on her shirt.

When the guy came in, he was really shocked to see that his Girl isn't moving. 

He panicked and began to cry because of so much frustration. But then, as he was crying, his girl suddenly laughed at him and told him that everything was just a prank! 

Source: KenPranksTV

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