Sunday, August 23, 2015

This father lied to her daughter. The reason will leave you crying!

We all know for a fact that our parents are doing everything they can, just to let us study in a school to have a degree. Some of the parents are even working day and night just to earn enough money for their families. 

This is a heartbreaking story of a daughter who wanted to apologize to her for being such a brat. This will teach you how to value the things that your parents give you.

In this video, a father and daughter were spending their quality time while walking. His daughter then handed him a letter which she wrote in school

He then started reading the letter. His daughter claims that he's the best dad in the whole world, but then he lied to her.

She claims that her father lied to her when he said he's not tired, he lied to her when he said he's not hungry nor thirsty, he lied about his happiness. He kept everything as a secret because he didn't want his daughter to worry about him. 

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