Friday, August 21, 2015

Creepy looking prehistoric sharks still exist in the deep oceans! Strangest shark ever!

We all know for a fact that the dinosaurs only live now in the imagination of kids. The dinosaurs were already gone a long time ago. But that doesn't mean that every creature from that era was also gone! 

What we didn't know is that there are still prehistoric creatures that are living up to this day. Prehistoric sharks still exist! It is often called as "Frilled Shark" which grows only up to 2m.

Frilled shark has an eel-like body and people claim that they are similar to the mythical sea serpent! 

The most interesting thing about this shark is its teeth! It has 300 unique needle-sharp teeth with over 25 rows! 

Authorities claim that this prehistoric shark is far older from the dinosaurs! 

Source: Rob Dan, WereBlog

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