Sunday, August 9, 2015

This man asks money on the subway. You'll be surprised how much he earns!

Most people easily pity that beggar who asks alms to fill their stomach with a nice meal. Passerby often gives them some change, what they don't know is that the little things and the little amount they are giving is actually a big help! 

Photos of this Chinese has been circulating online, are you wondering why? 

This beggar in Beijing can now be lined up next to the Managers, Lawyers, and Doctors because of the money he earns every day. 

At first, most people couldn't believe his story, but it's indeed true. This beggar just sits along the subway asking for alms and earns up to 10,000 Yuan on a regular day, while earning double during the holidays. 

The Chinese beggar couldn't count his earnings alone that's why he always asks for the two post office employees to help him count his earnings before depositing it in the bank.

You can't deny the fact that knowing all of these things really impressed you. Wait till you find out where he uses his money.

This Chinese man has no degree of his own, has no fancy suit and no stable job yet he was able to build a two-storey house for his family and for another shocking fact, this man was able to bring his kids to college. 

He's probably the most determined man on earth considering the fact that he lets himself ask for alms just to send his child to college.

Source: izismile

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