Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Aurelio, the first Philippine-made super car is set to drive soon!

When it comes to super car business, Philippines isn't really the best place to go. The best places for cars are Europe, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

Even though a lot of people claim that Philippines isn't really the place for super cars, Philippines was still able to make a race car that had already been featured in different car shows! 

The first super car that was made in the Philippines was named as "Aurelio". It was made by the Laguna-based car fabricator known as the Aurelio Automobile. Obviously, the car was named after its creators! 

Aurelio weighs 632 kilograms, has a length of 436 centimeters, a height of 178 centimeters and a width of 178 centimeters.

It also has a 517 horsepower, and it can run a quarter mile in just ten seconds! 

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