Wednesday, August 5, 2015

8 interesting facts about Ryan Rems that you didn't know!

If the other network has the AlDub love team, well then there's also the comedian in 'It's Showtime' that everyone loves! 

It is undeniable that Ryan Rems Sarita is truly funny despite the fact that his jokes are quite different from the ordinary jokes!

I have here 8 facts about him that you'll surely want to know:
  1. Ryan Rems currently lives in Novaliches, so that coming to ABS-CBN will never be a hassle for him.
  2. He just made his mark in the world of comedy. He claims that he's been a comedian since 2008 and was just given a project this year.
  3. Ryan is single and happy. He's fond of cracking jokes and pick up lines but this 36-year-old comedian hasn't found true love yet.
  4. He is also an English teacher. This is quite a surprise! I never thought that he's an English teacher!
  5. He is part of the Comedy Cartel. The Comedy Cartel desires to mold the Philippine comedy scene by featuring both local and foreign comedians. Ryan Rems is one lucky guy!
  6. Ryan performed with Vivek Mahbubani, a famous stand-up comedian. He performed in Cebu with Vivek Mahbubani a famous comedian in Hong Kong.
  7. He has 121,000 followers on Twitter. Netizens really love how he crack jokes through social networking sites!
  8. Unlike other comedians, Ryan Rems doesn't want to hurt anybody in his jokes, which really makes him different from other comedians! 

There you got it! 8 facts from the comedian, Ryan Rems Sarita! Rock and roll to the world! 

Source: ManilaFeed

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