Thursday, August 13, 2015

5-month-old baby lost consciousness in the middle of a traffic. How he was saved is truly incredible!

We all know for a fact that whenever we are stuck in a traffic, we can't do anything but to wait for the cars to move. But what would you do if an emergency took place while you're in the middle of a traffic?

This 5-month-old baby named Sebastian lost consciousness while in a heavy traffic. His aunt, Pamela Rauseo claimed that when her nephew stopped crying, she panicked! 

She knew it then that something's wrong when her nephew stopped crying, that's why they immediately pulled over.

She tried calling 911 because her nephew already lost consciousness. 

She started asking for help to the people around them and luckily someone helped them.

Fortunately, Pamela knows how to perform CPR, which helped the baby regain consciousness. The baby was then checked by the rescuers to see if he still needs medical treatments. 

Source: mrviralnews2

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