Thursday, August 20, 2015

This 13-year-old girl jumps on the highway after dad uploaded shaming video of her!

Each and every parent has their own way to discipline their children. But of course, after every disciplinary session, the parent should talk to their children about what's right and wrong.

This 13-year-old girl named Izabel Laxamana was once a beautiful girl with a long curly hair. She's a simple girl living in Tacoma, Washington, USA who passed away last May after jumping off a highway overpass.

A lot of people claim that the reason behind her suicide is indeed disturbing. People believe that she decided to end her life after her father uploaded a video of her, being punished for unknown reasons.

The punishment video shows a pile of black hair on the floor and a short haired girl.

However, it is still uncertain if it was really the reason why she ended her life. It is still unclear if the public shaming is the reason.

Source: LiftUp, WereBlog

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